Shelf Life and Sprayout Warranty for Blaster Aerosol Products

Although the contents of Blaster aerosol products will not degrade over time, integrity of the propellant is affected by the longevity of various mechanical components which cannot be guaranteed for more than three years. For this reason, even though the vast majority of our aerosols will dispense as designed far into the future, the Blaster Corporation has established a shelf life of three (3) years from the date of manufacture.
The date of manufacture is found either etched into the paint toward the top of the label (approximately ½” below the bottom of the cap) or printed on the bottom of the can. It follows the YYJJJ format (the first two digits are the last two digits of the year and the next three digits are the day of the year. 16041, for example, would be the 41st day of 2016).

Consumers who encounter a can less than 3 years old that fails to dispense as designed* can receive a  replacement from the Blaster Corporation** by contacting Customer Service @ 800-858-6605 and providing:

a) A physical shipping address

b) The manufacturing code of the defective can(s)

c) Return (at Blaster Corporation’s expense) of the defective can(s) if requested

This document constitutes the sole warranty offered by the Blaster Corporation regarding our products. Blaster Corporation makes no other warranty, expressed or implied, as to performance, conditions arising from use, or suitability for any particular application. This warranty supersedes any and all previous expressed or implied warranties.

* As described by NIST Handbook 130, IV. A. 10.3 (Uniform Packaging and Labeling Regulation, Aerosols and Similar Pressurized Containers)

** Replacement program applies to customers in the continental U.S. only. Customers in Hawaii and Alaska may be eligible for a refund – please contact us for more details. International customers should take any defective cans back to the location of purchase.