Top Accomplishments/Awards 

COVID hit us hard and we haven’t been able to compete at full strength recently. At our 2019 competitions we placed 30/120 at FSAE Michigan and 8/30 at Formula North. At last year’s design competition we placed 5th. This year we are back to full strength and hope to share some positive results after those competitions.

Community or Volunteer Activities You Support

We volunteer both inside and outside the Ohio State community. We do work with the college of engineering to support programs in the college such as the career fair. We volunteer in the community doing after school clubs through SAE such as AWIM. We also participate in community and environmental improvement projects through SAE and the university.

What’s Your Day Job? 

We are a mix of engineering and non-engineering undergraduates at Ohio State.

Your Cars?

Every year we build a formula student combustion car.

Other Hobbies / Fun Facts

A fun fact about us is we manufacture about 90% of our car in house.