No, it will not harm painted surfaces.

No, Surface Shield® needs to be completely removed before painting as it creates a superficial barrier between the paint and the surface, just as it’s intended to do with moisture in preventing corrosion.

Nope. To bust rust, try our PB B’laster Penetrant. To remove it, try B’laster Metal Rescue Rust Remover. Then, to prevent the rust from coming back, Surface Shield will work great.

Yes, Surface Shield® is non-conductive, and can be used safely on or near battery terminals, electrical connections, mechanisms and wiring.

Rust doesn’t just look bad; it can also reduce your equipment or car’s lifespan. Keep your equipment running better for longer with a rust protectant!

Up to three years for the aerosol version. For larger bulk sizes, it will last indefinitely if sealed and stored properly.

B’laster Surface Shield® offers corrosion protection for up to 2 years, making it the longest-lasting rust protectant available.

Nope! While B’laster Surface Shield® is great for steel, it won’t harm plastic, rubber, glass or wiring.

Yes, Surface Shield® protects all types of metal, creating a moisture barrier that helps prevent corrosion of the substrate.

Yes, that’s a great application for this product. For example, use it to keep the underside of your lawn mower rust-free.

Yes, Surface Shield® is lanolin-based. Also known as Wool Wax, this natural ingredient helps provide a non-toxic, long-lasting Surface Shield® to any job.

B’laster Surface Shield® is a non-toxic, safe, and low VOC product. It is lanolin-based as well.

While Surface Shield® will not harm the environment, it is not biodegradable.

B’laster Surface Shield® has a mild cedar fragrance so you can protect your project without stinking up your garage.