B’laster Corporation Unveils B’laster ProStraw™ with Control Flow Technology™

Cleveland, Ohio, January 16, 2020 – The B’laster Corporation – makers of the #1-selling penetrant, PB B’laster – announced today the official launch of its new B’laster ProStrawTM with Control Flow TechnologyTM. The innovative, patented design includes a dual-spray pattern and volume adjuster that allows users to control the flow of product for each specific application. It’s currently available on PB B’laster, a penetrant that quickly busts loose rusted or frozen parts caused by rust and corrosion.

“We developed the ProStraw after hearing requests from consumers for a smarter straw,” said Randy Pindor, President & Chief Operating Officer of B’laster. “While a delivery system is becoming a ‘standard’ feature of aerosol penetrants and lubricants these days, we felt it wasn’t enough to do the expected. Instead, our ProStraw gives users the power to turn the spray volume up or down, offering less mess and more precision.”

The key features and benefits of the B’laster ProStraw include:

  • Volume Adjuster: + to increase flow or – to decrease
  • Dual Spray Pattern: UP for pinpoint precision & DOWN for wide coverage
  • Clear Straw: monitor the volume
  • Ergonomic Button: because comfort is real

PB B’laster with the ProStraw is available now at The Home Depot & O’Reilly Auto Parts. The company has plans to quickly expand distribution over the next six months. More information about the ProStraw can be found at www.blastercorp.com/ProStraw.

About B’laster Corporation

Since 1957, B’laster Corporation has manufactured penetrants, lubricants, rust inhibitors and a full line of specialty, highly concentrated formulas for the automotive, industrial and hardware industries. Known for PB B’laster, the #1-selling penetrant, B’laster delivers products born from professional applications where only the strongest survive. As Rust Belt Warriors, we can promise that by the time a B’laster product ends up in your hands, it’s only because the pros have confirmed it’s the best.