B’laster Introduces the Best Defense in Fighting Rust, Surface Shield™ Rust Protectant

Cleveland, Ohio, June 8, 2021 – B’laster – makers of the #1-selling penetrant, PB B’laster – announced today the launch of its newest product, Surface Shield Rust Protectant.

“Fighting rust is in our DNA as a company, going back to 1957 when our founder invented PB B’laster to combat corrosion,” said Ted Bradley, Vice President, Sales & Marketing. “That’s why the launch of Surface Shield is so exciting for us; it enhances our rust-fighting portfolio. We have solutions to bust, remove, andprotect against rust.”

The company performed rigorous testing on the new product, delivering on its promise to offer professional-grade products. Results include:

  • Complete corrosion protection of up to two years.
  • Uniform surface build to eliminate the peaks and valleys that allow moisture to creep in and cause rust.
  • Non-toxic, low-VOC and lanolin-based technology.
  • Range of applications, including automotive frame and chassis, lawn and garden equipment, marine and recreational equipment, and more.
  • Compatible with other materials such as rubber, plastic, glass and wiring.
  • Lubricity, which means the product both wicks away moisture and lubricates moving parts.
  • Low-odor formula.

“Our innovation team worked tirelessly to address the needs of consumers.” continued Bradley. “We truly believe this product is the best defense in fighting rust and recommend usage on the metal parts of any equipment exposed to the elements.”

B’laster Surface Shield Rust Protectant is available now in select Home Depot stores.

About B’laster

Since 1957, B’laster has manufactured penetrants, lubricants, cleaners & solvents, rust removers, greases, & protectants for professionals and DIYers. Known for PB B’laster, the #1-selling penetrant, B’laster products are formulated to penetrate, lubricate, loosen, overcome, fix, & conquer each job. As Rust Belt Warriors, we can promise that by the time a B’laster product ends up in your hands, it’s only because the pros have confirmed it’s the best.

Contact: Stephanie Prause