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It Freakin Works, Man!

B’laster brand products are born from professional applications where only the strongest survive. We come from a place that demands the toughest solutions, and we believe you should too. As Rust Belt Warriors, we can promise that by the time a B’laster product ends up in your hands, it’s only because the pros have told us it’s the best.

Rust Belt Warriors
  • The Beginning  

     - The Beginning:


    Born and bred in Cleveland, Ohio, the heart of the rustbelt. In 1957, William K. Westley started B’laster Chemical Company by developing the Original PB B’laster in response to a problem a friend was having with a phosphate mine in Florida. Their mining equipment could not be taken apart for maintenance and repair because of the build-up of corrosion, phosphate and moisture. Nothing could break through the corrosion—until PB B’laster. PB B’laster is still the #1-selling penetrant.

  • Bernie Porter  

     - The Evolution:


    Over the next 50+ years, B’laster has expanded their portfolio of professional grade products and increased distribution. The company moved its headquarters and production facilities from Garfield Heights, Ohio, to a brand-new, state-of-the-art building in Valley View, Ohio where 30-50,000 cans are produced daily.

  • Tom Porter  

     - A New Look:


    In 2015, B’laster rebranded its look to reflect the evolution of the company and its vision for the future. B’laster’s rebranding represents its successful and ongoing transition to a company well beyond its heritage. The new B’laster logo evokes the power, durability and strength of the original brand and product line while maintaining the signature grassroots style in which the company was founded.

  • Welcome to Valley View  

     - The Mission:


    The B’laster team is committed to advancing B’laster into the future behind values such as teamwork, leadership, dedication, strong customer service and focusing on our basic core values: We do what we do to make your life easier by creating products that work where others fail to help solve your problems and save you time, energy, stress and money.

  • The B'laster Way  

     - The Future:


    B’laster is dedicated to upholding their mission. Partnering with suppliers, representatives, retailers and consumers to provide world-class penetrants and other specialty products, investing in global growth by exhibiting proactive flexibility, responding to social, community and environmental concerns, and by creating a family-oriented environment in which all employees feel valued.